1. Pellet Mill (for Feed Pellet)

      Pellet mills of FCPM series offer a total of more than 20 models for choice. They can be sorted into 3 categories, A, B, and W.

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    1. Twin Shaft Paddle Mixer

      Available in a total of 8 models, the paddle blender offers a choice of mixing capacities starting from 100kg/b going well up to 6000kg/b.

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    1. Hammer Mill

      State of the art air intake builds its way into the air and material circulating system, allowing easy clean-up of clogged screen holes for improved productivity.

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    1. Pulverizer, SWFL

      FCM is responding to that demand with the SWFL series of pulverizers, able to produce a variety of fish feeds, prawn feeds, and feeds for soft-shell turtles.

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    1. Extruder (for Feed Production)

      Though they both work at a particular level of moisture, temperature, and pressure to form pellets, they are like poles apart and don't even look the same.

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    1. Horizontal Dryer (for Feed Pellet)

      The horizontal dryer is the go-to fluid-bed drying solution for drying puffed materials, aquafeeds, and other high-end pellets.

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    1. Wood Shredder

      The wood shredder, a.k.a. biomass shredder, waste shredder or wood crusher, is suitable for shredding various coarse-fiber and lumpy biomass fuels.

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    1. Pellet Mill (for Biomass Pellet)

      The pellet mill is where wood chips, rice husks, wheat and rice straw, and other waste materials are turned into valuable pellet fuels.

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    1. Drum Dryer

      Perhaps the most unique selling point of this drum dryer should be the radial lifting flights. Those are the fins you would see around the inner wall of our rotary drum.

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  • Turnkey Project
  • Over 10 years of experience in project manufacturing gives us the ability to handle all aspects of your pellet plant and feed mill projects. We are proud to have scratch-built many biomass pelleting plants as well as a variety of feed mills for livestock feed, fish feed, premix pellet, and grass pellet industries. Today, we are fully staffed for the production flow design, plant system layout, equipment manufacturing, installation, startup and training of our feed equipment and related systems.

    1.  Animal Feed Mill
    2. Animal Feed Mill

      The demand for animal feeds may differ from one market to another.

    1. Fish Feed Mill
    2. Fish Feed Mill

      As a fish feed producer, the range of products your customers may request is huge.

    1. Premix Pellet Plant
    2. Premix Pellet Plant

      FCM can produce premix pelleting lines running at speeds between 0.5T/H and 10T/H.

    1. Grass Pellet Plant
    2. Grass Pellet Plant

      Grass pellet producers can choose line speeds from 1 to 20 tons per hour.

    1. Biomass Pellet Plant
    2. Biomass Pellet Plant

      FCM provides wood pellet lines in capacities from 0.5t to 20t.